Dining Room Chairs: What are your option? Part 2

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Part one of this blog described general styles of furniture using wooden dining chairs as an example of each style. This post, part 2, will talk more about the practical differences among some of our solid wood chairs: size, construction details, feel, etc.  Really great furniture is beautiful, comfortable and durable.  We believe that our Amish-made dining chairs deliver in all three of those areas and have written this blog to point out some of the specific features that you can look for when choosing the perfect chair for your dining room or kitchen.  


The Bayhill oak dining chair (above) features a top header complete with handle cut out. This gives it the look of something similar to an old school library chair, especially when fashioned in oak like the one pictured. The library chair has been historically very comfortable and of course designed for long periods of sitting to study. This design is reflected in the upright back with an almost un-noticeable slight backward lean. The seat size is almost square (18 ½ x 17 ½) and provides ease of sitting for long stretches during any table activity such as study, puzzles or family meals. This chair is also built to be enjoyed with a stretcher below the back as well as crossbars underneath to stabilize. Back Height from floor measures 42 ¾”.

Our Fresno (pictured below in Brown Maple) has a church-bench style seat with an elegant rise at the front for comfort and sloped down to the back especially designed for good posture. The Fresno arm chair has curved front to back arm rests that give it elegance even in a denser wood species such as Oak or Quarter Sawn Oak. When using a complementary stain the sturdy square legs with a minute taper and black square inlays above each back slat further enhance the beauty. In comparison this seat is has it’s own type of comfort although the seat measures 20” x 17 ½ which is a bit smaller near the back.



The Mesa (below) has stunning ginkgo inlay (If you do not know the story about ginkgo it would be fun to read this story from Yale University). The comfort of this solid wood dining chair has our contoured seat that works well for any tosh. You will also notice the slight lumbar support and flat arms on the side chair. The Mesa also has stabilizers underneath for strength. The back comes in a whopping 38 ½” in height to give the insets heightened noticeably.



The Roosevelt chair has completely padded back with a gentle curve from side to side and cut out to fit the small of the back and also to show off its beauty. The seat is also padded and covered with a piping band around the bottom edge. This all sets off the classy legs that are straight and tapered in the front and slightly curved outward at the back.  A set of these chairs look nice around a simple urban table or in a classy formal dining room. The lowest back height of these chairs mentioned is 37” and could be used to accent a tall table centerpiece or low lying window views.





A Shelby Chair (above) is graceful with the header curved, lumbar support for lower back and the popular contoured seat for comfort. The chair has a subtle backward tilt on each arm for elbow comfort. The petite back is only 37 ¾” in height and she almost appears to pose with her beautifully tapered legs, the back leg turned out a bit and front leg straight.

The Baldwin (picture below) has one contoured back panel that gives maximum coverage for middle back although still includes the lower back curve for lumbar support. With a slight curve the header provides shoulder and back comfort. Pictured below with a rich dark stain on Brown Maple wood give it a sophisticated stylish look. The stabilizers underneath stretch from front to back and the placement high up on the tapered leg make it stable and give it a refined look. 



The Folding Chair is designed to be functional for storing when not in use, but in solid hard wood, there is no denying its beauty.  The picture below shows how it truly does fold up to a slender size of 4.5 inches deep. It is made completely of solid wood with the back centered and curved from side to side for middle back support.  The picture features a comfortable fabric padded seat but is also available in leather or wood. Amazingly it folds nicely and is perfect for small spaces or those once-in-a-while guests. Almost square similar to the 1st chair mentioned (Bayhill) the seat area measurement is 16 x 16 ½ and the beautiful church bench style seat.

[OPEN measurement is 18.5”w x 17”d x 32”h and CLOSED measurement is 18.5”w x 4.5”d x 35”h]


The Wrap Around Youth chair is unique in and of itself. It is built with a small foot rest that also doubles as small-foot-sized step. The turned leg adds beauty and outstretched legs make it stable.  Many families no longer have the dictionary or encyclopedia set to stack and place for the little ones at dining table height. Children of any age are drawn to a chair that is just their size. It can be uniquely stained or made with wood and stain to match the wood dining chairs that the rest of the family sit in. The back height measures 30 1/4”.

Of course we are unable to show every chair we offer, so these are just a handful to give a rough idea how hardwood chairs differ.  You want your chairs to enhance your décor and be ascetically pleasing. You also need to be sure that they are comfortable or practical  for your space.  You can try out many of our chairs in our Evanston showroom or check them out on our website here.  

If you are looking for particular sizes of chairs, the following list may be helpful:

Staff Picks for most comfortable chairs:





Tallest Chair - Draws attention

Royal Mission 

Shortest Chair - Directs attention


Widest Seat - Is comfortable and makes a bold statement


Slimest Seats - Gives room to pack in lots of guests