Using a Wooden Headboard to Tie Your Bedroom Together

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Using a Wooden Headboard to Tie Your Bedroom Together

Just like every individual, every bedroom has its own style.  By choosing the right wooden headboard, you can bring a focus to that style and create a peaceful, inviting, and personal atmosphere.  Imagine with us six different rooms, each of which utilize a wooden bed frame to tie it all in.  See if one fits you—if not, create your own!



The Traditional

Some things never change and this bed says, “We work hard from sunrise to sunset.” This headboard will tie in great with the stacks of books and magazines that decorate this room. It’s old time, it’s traditional, it’s vintage and it’s classic. This decor has a quiet and easy feeling. Quarter Sawn White Oak has a distinct grain pattern that is strong without being overpowering. 


‘Out with the old and in with the new’ is the urban contemporary feel. This wooden bed frame will give the feeling of modern, clean and simple that works just right with the rest of the décor.   The look is simple, including a sleek lamp, a laptop, an e-reader and lots of candles. The bedroom is perfectly sleek with one wall in covered in classy wallpaper a wood bed frame made of Cherry with natural finish.

Elegant Romantic

Let the romance begin as you watch Downton Abbey under the chandelier and decorative molding. This delightful headboard screams grandeur and posh luxury. The gentle flow and graceful curves are a treasure in themselves. With this padded headboard framed in Brown Maple, when you and your partner are there, nothing else is needed.

Distinguished and distinctive

Always faithful and always loyal, “Yes Sir!” is what gives this headboard honorable status. There’s a place for everything, and everything in its place. The polished and tucked in look is graceful yet logical and it’s obvious that each detail was given equal attention. The wallpaper behind it is a map of the world. It is sophisticated, clean cut and impressive. The leather headboard with carved maple posts is solid, distinguished and comfortable.


The artist lives here. Things are pleasantly out of order. What someone else sees as a blemish, here it is a mark of beauty. There is natural beauty in this wooden headboard made of exotic-looking gray elm.  The headboard is low enough to make room for a large colorful painting.   The shoes and jewelry are amazing enough to be used as decoration. This bedroom is creative, individual, unique and has its own gentle flair.


Welcome home. This room has the warmth of the bedroom you blissfully slept in as a child. The dresser top is tastefully littered with sentimental keepsakes such as family photos and children’s handprint pictures. The wood bed frame is made of red oak and has a quilt on it.  It feels American and