About Amish Furniture

Plain and Simple works with over 25 Amish producers from Northern Indiana. Each producer is a family owned business, typically consisting of a woodshop in a pole barn next to the family home. Operations range in size from a single man, to a father and his sons, to up to about 15 people from the local community. Each family tends to specialize in a particular kind of furniture, perhaps dining tables, living room chairs, office furniture, or beds. This specialization allows them to master their techniques as well as keep costs down. The Amish do not normally engage in retail trade due to their religious and community convictions. Therefore they depend on retailers like us to bring their products to the public. When you compare the quality and price of the furniture we carry with the offerings of other furniture retailers, we are confident that you will discover the exceptional value of our Amish-made furniture. The Amish build furniture that will last multiple lifetimes. Top-quality solid hardwoods like oak, maple, and cherry are the primary materials used. Unlike veneers, pressboard, or other engineered wood products, the beauty of hardwood is not just skin deep. The unique life of each tree is recorded in the grain patterns: knots indicate where branches have grown and figuring reveals the stresses and strains the tree has borne. Also unlike engineered products, hardwood will not peel, blister or chip. Hardwood can be finished in a number of different ways, and unlike other products, can be repaired or refinished if need be. In the few places where plywood is employed, like drawer bottoms and the backs of dressers, it is of a high grade with low formaldehyde content and finished to match the rest pf your piece. Time-tested joinery techniques like mortise and tenon and dovetailing, along with high-tech glues and screws, lead to the most solid, wear-resistant furniture available. Wood surfaces are sealed and protected with high quality pre-catalyzed varnish that dries to form a hard, heat-resistant barrier against scratches, liquids, and other day-to-day hazards. When you buy furniture made by Amish builders you not only receive beautiful heirloom quality pieces for your home, you also support real families and contribute to a just, wholesome way of life. The Amish structure their lives around a set of core values: faith, family, community, hard work, peace, simplicity, and stewardship of the land. Plain and Simple is proud to support these faithful people, and invites you to join us in that support.

Care for Solid Wood Furniture

  • You can ensure that your new furniture will last for years and generations to come through proper care and use. The following is a list of simple tips to keep your furniture beautiful.
  • Try to place your furniture away from heat sources (radiator, fireplace, heating vent, prolonged direct sunlight).
  • Monitor the humidity in your home. The ideal range for wood furniture is between 35-45% humidity. This detail will help to minimize gapping and splitting that are the result of an uncontrolled environment. Seasonal gapping is a normal occurrence.
  • Protect your furniture by using coasters under sharp objects, trivets for hot or cold serving dishes. Store table leaves is a similar environment to that of the table (not in a damp basement, for example).
  • Routine cleaning: Dust often, along the direction of the grain with a soft cloth - this removes everyday abrasive particles from the surface. If you need to clean with a soap, we recommend a mild soap like Murphy's Oil brand. Use a damp rag to apply, and then wipe immediately with a soft, dry cloth. We caution against the use of wax or silicone polishes. The finish on your furniture is already heat and moisture resistant, and does not need additional polish.
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